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Studio Cézanne

voorprogramma t.b.a.

Modern Social Media Reactions Music Conc
Open Call

fr 17th of november - 8 p.m.


Cézanne is a 27-year-old woman navigating through these turbulent times, seeking tranquility. She floats in the ambiguous space between adolescence and adulthood, occasionally torn by conflicting desires. On one hand, she grapples with her longing for the novel and unknown, while on the other, she craves stability. Furthermore, her love for artistry and pedagogy are sometimes perceived as polar opposites. The songs she crafts are born from the questions she poses to herself during this tumultuous period. With her disarming sense of humor, she manages to soften the edges of heavy themes, shedding light on them from her unique perspective.

Studio Cézanne delivers a blend of original and well-known songs, all of which have been made distinctly their own. Allow your heart to be warmed by the beautiful and intimate tunes, interspersed with personal and often humorous anecdotes.

Supporting act t.b.a.

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