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Argentine tango & South-American guitar

Individuele lessen

These classes cover the most important aspects of Tango music, such as technique, harmony, accompaniment, improvisation, licks and more. We will cover some of the most important pieces of the Argentine repertoire: Carlos Gardel, Aníbal Troilo, Astor Piazzolla, among others. The main goal of these lessons is to provide you with the fundamentals to play Tango music in an authentic way, through an efficient and dynamic method that allows you to improve your skills at your own pace. It can also be extended to other South American styles, such as Milonga, Argentinian Waltz, Zamba, Chacarera, Bossa Nova and Bolero. Recommended for guitarists with, at least, a general knowledge of their instrument (such as chords, notes, basic rhythms, etc.) regardless of their technical skills or the musical styles that they usually play. Reading music is not mandatory but it's always a plus.

Prijs: 300 euro / 10 lessen

Duur: 45 min

Lesmoment: woensdag, op afspraak

Introduction to Bossa Nova & Tango Music

Introduction to Bossa Nova & Tango Music


Classical or acoustic players with an intermediate level or more.

You will learn the general characteristics of Bossa Nova and Tango music from the hands of an authentic South American musician.


In this course, we will delve into the traditional rhythms of both genres, the ways of organizing chords, their decorations and much more. By the end of the course, you'll be playing a piece in each style in an authentic way!

This course aims to provide the basic tools of Bossa Nova and Tango, so that students can begin to trace their paths through any of these genres: either by performing songs in a simple but effective way or deepening their knowledge with the following modules.


Class 1: Introduction to South American music. The main genres and their cultural influences. General guitar concepts applied to these types of music. The use of a music "lead sheet".
Class 2: General characteristics of Bossa Nova. Basic rhythms. Bass jumps. Inversions and diminished chords.
Class 3: Review of previous class concepts. Application of the concepts learned, using a Bossa Nova song.
Class 4: Playing a new song. Summary of the Bossa Nova chapter.
Class 5: General characteristics of Tango music. The main rhythms and marking models.
Class 5: Review of previous class concepts. The phrase-by-phrase organization of the tango rhythms applied to a song.
Class 6: Tango licks and embellishments.
Class 7: Playing a new song applying all the concepts. Summary of the Tango chapter.
Class 8: Review of the whole course. Performance of all the songs (Bossa Nova & Tango). Questions and doubts.

PRIJS: 150 euro (aankoop: 10-beurtenkaart groepslessen)

DUUR: 1u 15 x 8

LESMOMENT: 19:30 pm - 20:45 pm

DATA: 04/10, 11/10, 18/10, 25/10, 08/11, 15/11, 22/11, 29/11

TAAL: English / Spanish

max. 6 deelnemers

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Your teacher

Flavio Romanelli

Flavio Romanelli is from Buenos Aires and lives in Antwerp since June 2021. He has a Master's degree in Musical Composition, studied tango at the National Academy of Tango and in private with some of the greatest 'Maestros' of the genre. He joined many bands, recorded albums and toured the world on several occasions. He has taught guitar lessons since 2005 and his pedagogical approach consists of "learning by playing" both technical and theoretical aspects. ​ Links:  Website Flavio Romanelli Youtube Channel Flavio Romanelli

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