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Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons


Individual lessons

Price: 300 euros / 10 lessons

Duration: 45 minutes

Lesson time: by appointment (Mon, Tues, Thu or Fri)

Acoustic guitar
A Popong a Day

A popsong a day


Aimed at adults.

We check out a new issue every week. Depending on the song, we strum chords, learn riffs, copy or invent a solo, ... The lessons do not build up, so you can choose which lessons you take and which you don't. 

For this course you need a basic knowledge of guitar. Not sure about yourself? Introduce yourself via

PRICE: 150 euros (10-session ticket)


LESSON TIME: Tue 20h - 21h

LANGUAGE: Dutch / English

max. 6 participants

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Refresh your basics


weekly on Tuesday
05/09 - 21/11 (no class on 31/10)
7 pm - 8 pm

In 10 lessons you will walk through the basics of acoustic guitar playing again, to freshen up what you have learned in the past. The lessons will go at a slow pace, with attention to chordshapes, basic musical ideas (rhythm, tonality, counting, song sections, …) and strumming patterns.
You will learn a couple of songs to get your guitar playing up and running again.
After this course, you will be ready to join ‘A Popsong a Day’.
You will be in a group of guitarists who are in the same boat, even if you are nervous to pick up your instrument again, know that you will not be the only one!

Can't make it to this series? Send a message to, we will keep you informed of a next start date.

PRICE: 150 euros (10 sessions)


LESSON MOMENT: Tue 7 pm - 8 pm, periodically
05/09 - 21/11

LANGUAGE: Dutch / English

max. 6 participants

Acoustic Performance
Bring your friends

Starter group for youth (12y - 18y)


Learn at your own pace during these group guitar lessons. We learn basic chords, riffs, beat rhythms, and different songs. Stay in the group as long as you want, the course builds up according to the level of the young people, but you can still flow in and out whenever you want.

PRICE: 150 euros (10-session card)


LESSON TIME: Thu 5 pm - 6 pm

max. 6 participants

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Your teacher

Elise Hermans


Starting and advanced adults are the heart of the guitar class at Kunstenzoo. You can contact Elise to play together weekly (or another frequency of your choice), learn new music, or practice a specific technique or style. Before the lessons start, we make a number of agreements and goals during the trial lesson. This can be about how often you want to practice, whether you like to learn new things, or preferably learn to play more smoothly with what you can already do. Do you want to learn specific songs, or do you want to be surprised? It's all possible.​

Youth & children

For young people, we recommend that you first follow the starter course for young people for a year. (more info)
If you prefer to take lessons alone, you can count on a friendly and gentle approach during the lessons with Elise. The core of the first lessons is based on making and keeping agreements and goals. It's completely up to you how much time you want to put into your guitar playing, but a first big step in learning an instrument is to learn that the output you want should be in line with the input you're giving yourself. (the relationship between practice and expectations). 
You are always invited to talk about your own music taste, and Elise does her best to incorporate your musical interests into the lesson plan.

Volwassenen Startende en gevorderde volwassenen zijn het hart van de gitaarklas bij Kunstenzoo. Je kan bij Elise terecht om wekelijks (of een andere frequentie naar keuze) samen te spelen, nieuwe muziek te leren, of te oefenen op een specifieke techniek of stijl. Voor de lessen van start gaan maken we tijdens de proefles een aantal afspraken en doelen. Dit kan gaan over hoe vaak je wilt oefenen, of je graag nieuwe dingen bijleert, of liefst vlotter leert spelen met wat je al kan. Wil je specifieke nummers leren, of wil je je laten verrassen? Het kan allemaal.​ ​ Jongeren & kinderen Voor jongeren raden we je aan eerst een jaartje de starterscursus voor jongeren te volgen. (meer info) Indien je toch liever alleen les volgt, kan je tijdens de lessen bij Elise rekenen op een vriendelijke en zachtaardige aanpak. De kern van de eerste lessen berust op het maken van, en nakomen van afspraken en doelen. Het is volledig aan jou hoeveel tijd je in je gitaarspel wilt steken, maar een eerste grote stap in het aanleren van een instrument is om te leren dat de output die je wenst in lijn moet liggen met de input die je zelf geeft. (de verhouding tussen oefenen en verwachtingen).  Je wordt steeds uitgenodigd om te vertellen over je eigen muzieksmaak, en Elise doet haar best jouw muzikale interesses te verwerken in het lessenplan.​

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