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Señor Sinjoor

door Adriaan Lauwers en Emma Wills

Ontwerp zonder titel (1)_edited.jpg
Open Call

sat. 25th of november - 20u


In 1714, Spanish Baroque guitarist Santiago de Murcia releases a new book. This how-to book teaches readers how to accompany someone on the guitar. Interestingly, it isn't printed on the Iberian Peninsula but in Antwerp, which at the time was part of the Spanish or Southern Netherlands. Whether Santiago himself ever visited Antwerp is uncertain, but in his later works, we find copies of pieces that were only known in this area. This is a tribute to Señor de Murcia (and all things Spanish) during a visit to the Sinjoren.

Adriaan Lauwers (BE) is a professional musician specializing in ancient plucked instruments. As a soloist or ensemble member, he has performed concerts in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. He acquired his skills and knowledge under Rolf Lislevand at the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon.

Emma Wills (born 1998) has been heard at various festivals and cultural centers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She has earned numerous titles: VOCATIO Laureate in 2023 for her life project "The Revival of Forgotten Romantic Guitar Repertoire on Historical Instruments", Promising Musician in 2022 by radio station Klara in 'The Twenties', and she is the Ambassador for the historical guitar at the Antwerp Museum Vleeshuis. Wills is known as an exceptionally versatile guitarist, not only in her repertoire and projects but also in her instrumentation – she masters the classical guitar, Renaissance lute, Romantic guitar, and other historical string instruments.


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