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Opnemen bij Kunstenzoo


Our space is open for artists to make a live recording  .

What does it cost?

To come and record we ask for a contribution of 200 euros.

You can find these in different ways:  
- you pay it out of your own pocket

- you invite your fan club and they pay entrance / you pass the hat

- profit on liquor sales

You go on stage, play your set, and go home with a high-quality recording (audio + image). This way you can make a recording in a beautiful environment, and it may not cost you anything!

Note: we only do live recordings. Feel free to start again during your set, but we only record 1 take per song. The set is minimum 10 minutes, maximum 45 minutes.

Due to the intimate setting, we do not record bands with a drummer. 

Via 'contact' you can submit an application or contact us for more information. The button 'more info' gives you a document with agreements.

Photo 04-06-2022, 20 51 10.jpg

The recordings are made for Promirec (website). As an artist you will feel very welcome with us. Have you just started, and are you not sure how recording or sound checking works? No problem at all, we guide you through the process.

Why would I make such a recording?

You can use a live recording to add to your YouTube channel or website, or make a video for an entry (conservatoire entrance exam, application talent contest, ...), or just for fun of course.

Why at ART ZOO?

Studio time and booking a professional recording engineer can be an expensive affair. With us you can work with a professional on the basis of a mini-crowdfunding of your fan club, and have a view at a unique location! Moreover, you treat your fan club to an intimate concert. 

Why are we doing this?

We are very proud of our location and would like to open it up to other artists. At KUNSTENZOO, artistic development is central, and we are happy to support artists of every career phase. 
The crowdfunding is partly used to cover our expenses and to feed our cash register so that we can continue our operation for a long time to come.

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