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Concertreeks herfst 2023

Welcome to the Kunstenzoo concert series! Twice a year we open our music space to musical talent and admiring audiences. 

During this concert evening you are part of the future of the musicians! The concert evening is professionally recorded with video and sound, and given to the musicians to add to their portfolio. This is made possible thanks to your ticket contribution.

Every concert evening is a unique listening experience in a beautiful living room setting with a small audience. These fun concert evenings sell out quickly, reserve your place quickly!

We use well-considered ticket prices; the basic rate for a ticket in advance is 13 euros, and as a student you can reserve a seat for 10 euros. You can also opt for a sponsor ticket, which allows you to make an additional donation to our organization, allowing us to continue this initiative in the future. In exchange for your generosity, we thank you for recording this concert evening. 

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