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Haroun Iqbal

+ Philip Brodzinski en Jonas Van Os 


za 18 november - 20u SOLD OUT


After years of immersing himself in the most diverse music styles, Haroun Iqbal presents a solo set for the first time in which he brings together everything he has worked on over the last 10 years.  Hindustani ragas, West African kora music, jazz, soul, classical, ... Come and enjoy the intercultural sound web that Haroun will weave for you with great love!

After studying jazz guitar and classical composition, Haroun Iqbal has never stopped exploring the most diverse musical styles. For example, he has a duo with Senegalese griot and kora player Bao Sissoko; he immerses himself in ragas under the approving eye of Pakistani sarod grandmaster Asad Qizilbash; he has written classical compositions that have already been performed at home and abroad by ensembles such as the Amstel quartet and No Piece Of Wood and he has been able to play with his soul band in Jaouad Alloul as far as the Arenberg. He will soon release a debut album with his own compositions with his jazz quartet Iqnovara. In 2024, Haroun Iqbal will also be a resident at DeCentrale to expand Iqnovara with Asad Qizilbash on sarod and thus bring Indian and jazz music together in a way where no one has to compromise on their strengths.

Philip Brodzinski and Jonas Van Os are two master students of classical guitar at the Antwerp Conservatory. They have been a permanent duo for 2 years and regularly play gigs in and around Antwerp. In terms of repertoire, the duo has a strong preference for Spanish and South American classical music. For their program at Kunstenzoo they will perform the complete Tango Suite by Astor Piazzolla followed by the Prélude & Fugue No. 5 by the Italian composer Castelnuovo-Tedesco. The Tango suite is a phenomenal work consisting of three parts that alternates powerful dance passages with lyrical and melancholic atmospheres. The prelude & Fugue No.5 is a graceful and fresh work that functions as the icing on the cake of the support act.

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