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Wood Violin


Price: 300 euros / 10 lessons

Duration: 45 minutes

Lesson time: by appointment (Mon, Tues, Thu or Fri)

Individual lessons

Classical guitar
Klassieke gitaartechniek

Technique training


6 pm - 7 pm

Free intake session 05/09

Classical guitarists with a basic level to advanced level. Aimed at adults.

  • Playing with ease

Throughout this course you will focus on finding a good playing position. Starting from how the body is built, you will pay attention to your overall position, and how you move your arms, hands and fingers to play your instrument. The main goal of this section is to find a way to play your guitar with minimum unease.

  • Technique routine for every level

You will start with basic exercises (depending on your level and experience) to increase speed, strength and accuracy. This routine will include scales, exercises to strengthen the left and right hand, and exercises to increase focus and clarity while playing. 

  • Apply technique to your playing

The main goal of having a good technique is to be able to apply it while playing your instrument. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to bring examples from the repertoire you are playing, and possibly struggle with.

PRICE: 150 euros / 10 sessions


LESSON MOMENT: Tuesday 6 pm - 8 pm

LANGUAGE: Dutch / English

max. 6 participants

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 17.19.01.png

History & Analysis



05/10, 19/10, 09/11, 23/11, 07/12
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm 

Aimed at adults.

You will learn about the different genres and time periods in classical guitar music. We will discuss and listen to performances of great pieces and composers.
You will learn to navigate through the most common aspects of music-analysis: melody, harmony, rhythm, tonality, … Once these basics are mastered, you will move on to recognising these elements in classical guitar pieces.
Often melody and harmony are intertwined in complex but beautiful textures, which can make playing the guitar quite the challenge. In the later lessons of this course you will learn about the different textures in guitar music.

This course is both theoretical and practical. Bring your guitar!

PRICE: 150 euros (5 lessons of 2 hours)


LESSON MOMENT: Thu 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

LANGUAGE: Dutch / English

max. 6 participants

Segovia's Silhouette zonder text.png
repertoire en geschiedenis

Your teacher

Elise Hermans

Elise studied classical guitar at the lemmensinstituut, Leuven and in Turku, Finland. She specializes in 20th century guitar music, with favorites including Leo Brouwer, Villa-Lobos and Sainz de la Maza.


Starting (and advanced) adults are the heart of the classical guitar students at Kunstenzoo. As an adult you can go to Elise for extra lessons in addition to your academy trajectory, or for your entire guitar journey. Elise will help you find your way through the vast landscape of possibilities on the classical guitar; she teaches you different ways to practice, to interpret and master music, to find a playing position and technique that suits you. You can come by with a specific question or goal, which we work on for 10 lessons. You can also spend your lesson pack on more general lesson content. 

Youth & children

Driven, young classical guitarists are of course also very welcome in my class. Elise works patiently and with attention to the individuality of each child. We make agreements before the lessons start: Elise does not set specific goals, but discusses what they want with each student and applies her expertise to this.

Professionals & conservatory students

During your conservatory studies I can give you extra support in the following ways:

- maintain your exercise pattern, and refine it where necessary

- big goals vs. setting and outlining smaller goals

- getting ready for a recording (at Kunstenzoo or elsewhere)

- getting ready for a performance (at Kunstenzoo or elsewhere)

- analyzing and understanding your repertoire

Note: duo lessons are possible (seePrices), and from 3 students you can register as a group and corresponding rate. (

Youtube channel Elise Hermans

Website Elise Hermans

Elise studeerde klassieke gitaar aan het lemmensinstituut, Leuven en in Turku, Finland. Haar specialisatie is 20e eeuwse gitaarmuziek, met als favorieten o.a. Leo Brouwer, Villa-Lobos en Sainz de la Maza. ​ Volwassenen Startende (en gevorderde) volwassenen zijn het hart van de klassieke gitaarleerlingen bij Kunstenzoo. Bij Elise kan je als volwassene terecht voor extra les naast je academie-traject, of voor je volledige gitaar-reis. Elise zoekt met jou een weg door het weidse landschap van de mogelijkheden op de klassieke gitaar; ze leert je verschillende manieren om te oefenen, om muziek te interpreteren en eigen te maken, een speelhouding en techniek te vinden die bij jou past. Je kan langskomen met een specifieke vraag of doel, waar we 10 lessen op werken. Je kan je lespakket ook besteden aan een meer algemene lesinhoud.  ​ Jongeren & kinderen Gedreven, jonge klassieke gitaristen zijn uiteraard ook zeer welkom in mijn klas. Elise werkt geduldig, en met aandacht voor de eigenheid van elk kind. Voor de lessen van start gaan maken we afspraken: Elise legt geen specifieke doelen op, maar bespreekt met elke leerling wat zij willen, en past daar haar expertise op toe. ​ Professionals & conservatoriumstudenten Tijdens je conservatorium studie kan ik je extra steun geven op volgende manieren: - je oefenpatroon onderhouden, en bijschaven waar nodig - grote doelen vs. kleinere doelen bepalen en uitstippelen - je klaarstomen voor een opname (bij Kunstenzoo of elders) - je klaarstomen voor een optreden (bij Kunstenzoo of elders) - het analyseren en begrijpen van je repertoire ​ Note: duo-lessen zijn mogelijk (zie prijzen), en vanaf 3 leerlingen kan je je inschrijven als groep en bijhorend tarief. ( ​ Links:  Youtube kanaal Elise Hermans Website Elise Hermans

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